tribeca trunk - fashion + accessories + art
tribeca trunk
Becky Neal Ochenkoski launched tribeca trunk (August 2011) from a passion for "artful" things.... Stylish clothing and beautiful adornments that can make any outfit complete! With 19+ years in the fashion business (and 30+ years as a "pro" shopper), Becky's career has come full circle with her love of fashion, art, marketing, sales, training, and the creativity & spirit of entrepreneurship.
tribeca trunk is a fashion + accessory + art studio that features the "coolest" selection of women's clothing + accessories from top designers for her "stylish" clients. Designers that are showcased in the top boutiques throughout the nation!
Several fine art shows are hosted in the studio each year with new + established contemporary artists.
 116 Old Lafayette Avenue
Lexington, KY 40502
Tuesday + Thursday
11:30 - 5:30
Or by Appointment @ Anytime!
Ring 859-317-8793